Ever Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to do well at something….get out on a big box and tell everyone who cared to listen, how they could do well at something too…..I wanted to have people listen to what I had to say and for those people to feel so much better for it, to be motivated and passionate and for them to want to do the same for others too.

My ‘a ha!’ moment, was I guess, at a meeting I’d been invited to attend, you know, one of those Wednesday night meetings where you’re greeted warmly, introduced to extremely well attired business looking people and then you are seated to listen to stories of success. Stories of how these people had built their success  from nothing by a handful of speakers before being shown the ‘circles’ of the compensation plan – that will set you on your way to financial freedom and personal happiness – just like it has done for those that you heard speaking this evening.

I dreamed of being a leader – standing out in the crowd and helping others find their way to stand out too!

My eyes big as saucers, I watched, my ears strained from taking in every word. I WANTED TO BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE ON STAGE MAKING OTHERS FEEL THE WAY I WAS FEELING RIGHT NOW! I was feeling full of hope, mentally picturing my dream holidays, cars, homes, seeing my family free of struggle and enjoying only the best things in life. I knew then and there that if I did what these people told me, copied everything they showed me, that I would some day be one of those people on the stage telling people like me how to be successful like me and so on and on and on………

A better lifeThree times I left and rejoined this organisation, each time being more hopeful of success than the last. Each time, investing in books, CD’s products, burning off my family and friends with my constant babble of how marvellous my products were, how they would save money and help me grow my business by just shopping with me instead of those big corporate chains. I couldn’t even invite (J.O.B ) work colleagues out for an informative evening out with me without them becoming suspicious that I’d try to ‘sign them up’ or ‘sell them something’. See, I was very convincing in the beginning, had lots of people getting excited, sold a little product even…..but I could never recruit anyone, never convince anyone that I was a leader worthy of trusting and following on this quest for freedom from the restraints of the corporate chains that had us by the short and curlies because they paid our wages, our super, ensured our security and good standing in the community.

Does any of this sound like you? I see you nodding. I know I have not been alone, but I felt so. I guess you do too. Don’t feel bad. I did and now I don’t. I know it wasn’t me…not really. I was being let down by a system that was actually only meant to work for a few, a very elite few that had way better connections and credibility than I…..back then anyway

Do you have any idea what it really takes to be successful? Are you taking action every day to achieve your goals?

Are you building relationships with people or just giving your pitch?

What sort of business are you currently involved in? What are you investing your time and money into …..what are you thinking of stopping?

Please respond below and I promise to get back to you personally with what could be the solution you’ve been looking for too – and no, it’s not another MLM marketing plan presentation! 

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