Sometimes life gets hard. 

Do you ever feel as if the world is against you? That no matter what you do, everything seems to go wrong? How long have you felt this way? Can you pin point when things seemed to start going pear shaped?

I’ll tell you something that I really haven’t shared with many others in my lifetime.

I have not always been a positively positive person.

You see, when I was younger, even before The Secretwas published – even before I’d ever heard of Napoleon Hill, I practised visualisation.

What child, or young person doesn’t?

We see things and people on TV and we want what they have. We want to be like those people. Glamorous, Successful, Beautiful, Popular. We want the cars, the Homes, the lifestyle.

We dream of some day having those things. We even go so far as to visualise ourselves as THOSE people! Imagining and dreaming. Waking up with a smile as we’d FELT what it had been like to spend a short time in the lives of those we admired. Then……

Our dreams were shattered as reality set in. It seemed that everything I was positive was going to happen actually turned out to be the total opposite! I was confused! I began to forcefully stop myself from thinking and dreaming of what I wanted or how I wanted things to be, instead choosing the very opposite in the hope that the positive and happy stuff may come true as all that ever happened when I visualised things happening was that it didn’t!

Well meaning adults would tell me to ‘stop dreaming’ and live in the ‘real world’. I was told that I thought I was ‘too good to be a factory worker’,  that I’d never get anywhere as I wasn’t educated enough. Of course, I’d never even thought of applying for factory work as I didn’t even know it existed so how could I believe I was ‘too good’ for that sort of work! 

I grew up with a very low self esteem as I was never good enough at anything. Reading by the age of four, I’ve always loved to read. I have devoured many books over my lifetime (I’ll post what I’ve read another day!) 

I was never ‘pretty enough’ never ‘tall enough’ never ‘smart enough’. I played musical instruments – at a distance from the main house so that nobody else had to hear me. I sang when nobody was around as apparently it sounded like ‘cats being murdered’ when I sang along to my favourite records.

As a young adult, I felt invisible. I’d speak when in a group but was never heard. I was naive, boring and well, just no fun.

Does any of this resonate with you?

So, how do you get past all of this and go on to live a positively positive and fulfilled life? Sshhh…. it’s a big secret!

Of course it is no secret! Everybody is capable and deserving of a full, satisfying and successful life. The thing is – are YOU ready to believe you are?

This is where my life turned around. I discovered the difference between visualising what I wanted in my life and BELIEVING I DESERVED IT AND FEELING IT WAS ALREADY SO!

Have you noticed that when you acquire something new, you suddenly see, hear of feel it everywhere you go? Know why? I do!

Are you currently in a rut? Are you needing to find out how to break the pessimism and break free into the freedom of a positively positive life?

Here are the first 3 steps:

1.    BELIEVE and FEEL that good things are going to happen and come into your life

2.   BELIEVE and FEEL that you are worthy of receiving good things and feeling happiness

3.   FEEL – even if you have to imaging really hard at first – Let yourself FEEL what it would be like to be living your dream life right now! FEEL what your actions would be. FEEL the emotion of the words that you would speak to others. FEEL joy about everything that you have and all that you receive. FEEL gratitude.

Regardless of your religion, your spiritual beliefs. This will begin working very quickly for you. YOU will feel a shift in your mind as you STOP allowing any negativity to clutter your thoughts.

If you feel like your learning, and want more contact a Life Coach

You are only human and you will have lapses in this new state of mind. I do, especially when out driving on our crazy roads!

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