My Client Just horse racing on winx to headline Golden Slipper day

When it comes to outstanding race days for punters, you’d be hard pressed to find one better than Golden Slipper Day at Rosehill. There are nine races on the card, headlined of course by the $3.5 Million Golden Slipper (1200m), but the support races are strong, with four other Group l races run and won on the afternoon, including the George Ryder (1500m), where we will see Winx looking to win her third straight edition.

Golden Slipper Day traditionally begins with the Manion Cup (2400m), a lead up for the Sydney Cup. Following that is usually the Birthday Card (1200m) and darby Munro (1200m) before the Group l action begins with the Ranvet (2000m), a race that has been won by some absolute champions in the past. Our Ivanhowe won the race in 2017.

The Golden Slipper is the feature race but the highlight of the day is likely to be Winx, who will be shooting to win her third straight George Ryder (1500m). Her win in the race last year was one of the more dominant performances of her sequence. In terms of the field she’ll face this year, it’s an unknown, but she is expected to win again.

The Derby aspirants will their stuff in the Rosehill Guineas (2000m), which is the second leg of the 3YO triple crown in Sydney. It’s sandwiched in between the Randwick Guineas (1600m) and the Australian Derby (2400m), and its honour roll is as good as any race in Australia, with names like Naturalism, Octagonal, Tie The Knot and Eremell all successful.

The big one then follows, the Golden Slipper. The 16 best two year olds in Australia will scorch around the Rosehill turf in roughly 70 seconds to crown the best two year old in the land. It’s a chance of a lifetime for some, as we saw last year with the win of She Will Reign, with Darby Syndications paying $20,000 for the filly before she went on to win $2 Million when saluting in the Slipper. It makes for great viewing.

A number of different tickets are available for the 2019 Golden Slipper, with different dining and accessibility options available. Some of the day ticket packages available for 2019 include the International Lounge, Gold Room, Schweppes Style Lounge, and Slipper Club.…

Steel Detailing, Structural Drafting and working drawings info.


ALM gives quality basic steel drafting and itemizing in Australia at very resemble costs. Our broad skill and experience gives imaginative answers for steel fabricators, developers and different customers. Regardless of how little or huge your steel development venture is, our steel itemizing administrations will help chop down the assembling costs by giving precise workshop drawings which are clear to use on your workshop floor.

Our standard deliverables

Download Sample Drawings from drop box

Steel Platform and steps

Steel Platform point by point

Pictures from site of steel stage

OFP Platform

With broad experience comprising of more than 250 steel enumerating activities and 30 outline and building ventures, ALM dependably endeavors to convey most extreme consumer loyalty. We complete enumerating work by keeping up the most astounding measures of value and consistent work process. Just the unavoidable RFIs are raised amid the itemizing procedure which spares colossal measure of time for all the invested individuals. Utilizing Tekla structures as the primary device, we render our steel drafting administrations inside time and spending plan. You can likewise get in touch with us for your estimation necessity for steel ventures.

With the assistance of the most recent electronic coordinated effort innovations including Aconex, Projectweb, and ProjectConnectLive, we give exact answers for our customers.

For additional data on auxiliary steel drafting, please get in touch with us.

Steel Detailing Services

We detail the accompanying kind of occupations.


Shopping Complex

Processing plant Sheds

Group Centers

Chutes and Bins

Places of worship

Distribution centers

Stairs and Balustrades

Mining Structures



In our group of detailers we have a decent number of detailers with critical involvement in enumerating American Structural and Miscellaneous steel. The drawing altering group is very gifted and will give drawings an abnormal state of clearness.

A shop drawing is a drawing or set of drawings delivered by the contractual worker, provider, maker, subcontractor, or fabricator.Shop drawings are commonly required for pre-assembled parts. Cases of these include: lifts, basic steel, trusses, pre-thrown, windows, machines, cupboards, air dealing with units, and millwork. Additionally basic are the establishment and coordination shop drawings of the MEP exchanges, for example, sheet metal ventilation work, funneling, plumbing, fire assurance, and electrical. Shop drawings are not created by draftsmen and designers under their agreement with the proprietor. The shop drawing is the maker’s or the contractual worker’s drawn variant of data appeared in the development reports. The shop drawing ordinarily indicates more detail than the development reports. It is attracted to clarify the creation or potentially establishment of the things to the maker’s generation group or temporary worker’s establishment teams. The style of the shop drawing is generally altogether different from that of the draftsman’s drawing. The shop drawing’s essential accentuation is on the specific item or establishment and rejects documentation concerning different items and establishments, unless joining with the subject item is fundamental. We also offer Steel fabrications services at:

My client the Anti wrinkle injection and Eyebrow Microblading expert

I have been coaching Melbourne injections for 12 months now so here is a shout out to them and what they do:

Wrinkle Injections

Wrinkle Injections has become a regular part of the beauty regimen of many individuals. Wrinkle Treatment Melbourne is no longer considered “taboo” and is now quite a socially acceptable means of decreasing and eliminating unwanted facial lines.

Melbourne-InjectionsThe Wrinkle Injections solution to treat wrinkles. Sydney’s Clinic injects very small amounts of botox into the muscles of the areas to be treated. Pain is minimal and patients normally report nothing more than a minor tingling sensation in the injection area. Ice or a numbing cream can be applied to the area should this feeling become intolerable. The procedure is very quick and should take less than ten minutes.

Our clinic has been using eyebrow feather touch brows in her business for a number of years, and anti wrinkle injection has been present in the medical industry for over 40- originally being used to treat facial tics.  During this time, there have been no known permanent problems resulting from its professional use.

After treatment, patients may find the injection area to be a little red, but this is easily covered by make-up. Dermal Filler Sydney smooths the skin within five and seven days of treatment and can last as long as six months; although this is dependent on each unique skin type.

Bags under your eyes

When there is a lot of hanging skin outside the eye, the effect of Botox will be severly limited. So in this case the injections will work better with surgery. Eyelid surgery can remove the extra skin, allowing anti wrinkle injections to work its magic on the muscle below. Some patients complain about bags in their lower eyelid. These bags are actually pockets of fat upon which the eyeball floats in the eye socket. These bags of fat act as shock absorbers for the eye. The bags under the eye can be surgically removed, resulting in a much smoother eyelid. One word of caution: Weakening the muscle of the lower eyelid can sometimes let the fat behind it push out a bit more actually creating bags.

See my client in Sydney:…

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

When I came up with this headline, I had absolutely no idea that a well known author had actually written a book of the same title! 

This article is not about the book by Dale Carnegie, however, I have researched and will be quoting some info found on Wikipedia which was about Dale Carnegie’s book!

So, the reason I chose this particular topic is because I am often asked how I remain so happy and positive in times, of what seems to others, as hardship and stress.

I made a decision many years ago to never worry about anything that I could not change. If there is a situation that needs my attention and I can change it, then I don’t need to worry about it anyway!

There are many reasons to NOT worry.

Worrying can affect the body to the extent of causing physical illness

Excessive worrying can lead to anxiety, panic and unrealistic fears

Worriers become highly sensitive to their environment and to the criticism of others

Excessive worriers can see anything, or anyone as a potential threat leading to social isolation

Chronic worrying can affect your daily life, your appetite, relationships, your job

Once anxiety sets in, worriers can turn to harmful lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol or drugs and excessive eating.

So how can you break this cycle of worrying?

Massive Action is a great way to keep worry out of your mind. Keep yourself busy with interests that you enjoy to distract yourself from worrying thoughts.

Never sweat over the little things!

Ask yourself and answer honestly, “What are the odds against this thing’s happening at all” (Dale Carnegie – “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”)

If you know that the situation is beyond your ability to change or alter, let it be!

Really analyse the situation and decide if it is really worth your worry – how much of your anxiety is a thing worth? If it is worthless, refuse to give it your worry.

“Let the past bury it’s dead. Don’t saw sawdust” (Dale Carnegie – “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”)

I live among worriers, as do we all. But we do not have to be like them. We have the power to stop ourselves from worrying unnecessarily and save our bodies from stomach ulcers, worry lines and all of the other illnesses that accompany worry.

If you need a distraction, please contact me as I have plenty! How about starting your own blog for one! Click the tab above to find out how you can get your very own, easy to set up blog  just like this one.

Live your Life Worry Free!

If it is to Be, It’s Up To Me!

Get more info at


Getting Rich books. Are they worth the time?

I am currently reading ‘Think & Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. ‘That old book!’  I hear some of you say.

Yes. That old book.

You know what, I thought I’d read it years ago but while starting from he very beginning again, it’s as if I’m reading it for the very first time.

Because, the reality of it is, I AM! I am a different person now to who I was a couple of decades ago when I may have read it for the first time.

Get rich BooksThe book planted seeds in my mind though. Its messages have spurred me on from my sub conscious over all of these years.

I have inadvertantly quoted Napoleon Hill during my life. My children will attest to this as mums words of ‘thoughts are things’ ring through their ears every time they state negative words, or feel hopeless, out of control, that this is their lot in life forever. My response is always ‘Thought become things’ and ‘everything is only temporary’. I have noticed the latest craze is airbnb management company books like this one.  

I had no idea where I’d learned these words. I do know that I’ve believed them for a long time and have inspired others to change their thoughts by gently telling them in their moments of self doubt.

Re reading this book today is also bringing back the wonderful ‘feeling’ I had when I read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, and also when I watched the DVD that became hugely popular back in 2006. I recall the many ‘aha’ moments I had while reading the pages. Telling all who would listen that I had been living my life already practising what Rhonda was writing about! I was so excited and relieved, that I was not the only one that believed that ‘thoughts become things’. I really felt alienated by many of my peers and family due to my beliefs.

Now, reading ‘Think and Grow Rich’, I cannot remember exactly, But I think (and please correct me if I am wrong) that Rhonda was inspired by the same book, or another book along the same lines.

I am currently at a point in my life where people turn to me to ask advise. People express admiration and edify me simply just for me being me. This still humbles me immensely. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I believed that meant I would be a ‘school teacher’, you know, a traditional job kind of teacher. I did attend college for a few years to study that path. Wasn’t for me.

I went back out into the workforce, working in retail for a large corporation. I had my children. Changed careers a few times over the next 25 years or so.

But still, something was missing. I kept getting an overwhelming feeling that I was meant for another purpose. I kept reading, studying. Trying to find the answers of where I am supposed to ‘fit it’ in the whole scheme of things.

The answer lies within us all. If it ‘feels’ right. It is. if it ‘feels’ wrong. It is.

If you haven’t read it yet, I strongly recommend that you do. Start today. It is available for free through iBook or download HERE