Tattoo House

“The best renovations of 2007” - The AGE

“While the new volumes are generous, so are the ideas” - MARK magazine

Mocoloco’s top 5 for 2007 -

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...........>   Two exceptional magazines, Monument [issue 84] and MARK [issue 13] have multi-page features of the Tattoo house this month. Both are available in newsstands now if you want to check them out.

...........> Tattoo house is featured on  Disenart and Perspective

...........> In the Domain in Saturday’s  AGE, we were stoked to find that the Tattoo House had been featured as one of the best renovations of 2007. The Tattoo House has also been doing the rounds on the blog circuit such as Mocoloco, Arkinetia, Europaconcorsi, Designspotter, Materialicious, Apartment Therapy, My Ninjas Please, ....and this is reality, Square Mag, Cube Me, Hypediss, Stream of Interest, Hemfeber, Arquitectura, Popflower, Shed Working, Noticias arquitectura and Professione Architetto

An extension to an existing 3 bedroom house in Fitzroy North to provide new living and kitchen space for a growing young family.

Many of the design decisions were generated by the tight budget. The form is a simple box- the strongest form an architect can achieve at a bargain basement price.

Every element needed to perform multiple functions for maximum return- hence the kitchen bench becomes part of the stair, and the screening required by council reflects heat and glare away from the expansive windows, neatly eliminating the need for curtains.

Council requirements regarding overlooking which dictate a 75% opacity to second-storey spaces are resolved by UV stable stickers rather than expensive and elaborate screening. The tree supergraphic creates playful and ever-changing shadows across the interior spaces and is composed of images taken in the local park.

Despite these challenges a double story, non-domestic scale space was achieved with a basic palette of materials.

Photography by Peter Bennetts